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Specializing in Small Business Web Site Design and Redesign

Web Site Setup | Domain Name Registration & ISP Hosting Setup  

Setup:  Domain Name Registration & ISP Hosting Setup


The Domain Name is an important part of your web identity, and I can help you find a domain name and register that domain.  One of the most important tasks of establishing a web presence with good search engine ranking, is the domain name.  The hosting of your web site is very important.  You need a reliable and reputable ISP (Internet Service Provider) that can be contacted when necessary.  I have an excellent relationship with a very good company (Sonic.net) and can help you set up your ISP host account. 

e-vantages charges a $100 setup fee for domain name search, securing the domain name, and setting up an ISP to host your web site.  (Annual domain registration is $9.95, monthly web hosting is $9.95)


Web Site Design & Web Site Re-Design


Web Site Design & Web Site Re-Design

You will be provided with three home page designs from which to choose.  The final design can be based on any of the three, or a combination. The design of your web site will include photos, enlarging thumbnail photos (clickable), mouseovers, and even flashing photos (done in JavaScript so flash is not required by your users). Standard web pages are $125 per page.  If your site has four pages, it would be $500, and all SEO and Search Engine Registration is included!

Video and audio can also be incorporated on pages, as well as slideshows for a nominal fee based on the size of the project.  Photo galleries with clickable thumbs linking to enlarged photos (or web pages with more than 10 photos) are $150 (for 10 -25 photos) up to $200 (25 - 40 photos).

Internet Marketing:  Micro Web Sites & Marketing Emails  

Internet Marketing:  Micro Web Sites, Promotional Flyers & Marketing Emails


Do you have a special need to promote a product, service, or event?  E-vantages can help!  We can build you a micro website and link it from your existing web site, with no need to re-design your site!  We can even create an html (graphic promotional email) and set you up in Constant Contact, so you can let your contacts know about your new product, service, or event.  We can do all this for the same affordable fees.  We can also create a handout/mailing brochure, or flyer, branded to match your new web site.


Web Site Updates and Maintenance

  Web Site Updates and Maintenance

If you need one-time or periodic changes or additions to your web site (built by e-vantages) after it's completed, we can quickly make changes or additions based on an hourly rate of $35.  If your site was not built by e-vantages, the rate is $40 per hour.  Only time spent will be charged, there are no minimum fees.  We are very responsive, so changes will happen usually within one day, less if there's a special need!  We are very efficient (fast) at what we do, so at $35 an hour, the cost of changing and updating is very affordable!


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