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Increase your outreach on the web beyond your web site!  Interact with clients, stay connected 24x7.  Use of Social Media is becoming a standard integration on web sites.  From Blogs and RSS feeds to Sharing, Facebook to Twitter, and YouTube, social media is the new frontier on the web.


YouTube Video


YouTube Video Integration on your site!

YouTube is one of the biggest phenomena on the web in the 21st century.  Video reaches a huge audience, makes a personal, interactive connection with users, and most importantly is one of the quickest ways to gain search engine ranking. 


YouTube is owned by Google and hosting YouTube videos on your web site gains almost immediate notice from Google, with other search engines following.  The videos can be anything from a personal video introduction from the owner of a business, to video of the services provided, to a video of an event, or even a resource video with important related information. 

The video can work for you in two ways. First it lives on YouTube where it can be accessed by all YouTube users as well as search engines. Second, a YouTube custom video player is placed on your site where your users can view the video on your site, and is also picked up by Google and other search engines.

It turns a stagnant, one-dimensional site into an interactive 3D experience. It entertains and can inform, and makes a connection with your user that can't be made via text. 

To the right is an example of a custom video player for a single video,  Custom video players can be created for multiple videos in any size, and with different colors.



Facebook, Twitter, and Sharing

The live icon links above are one example of incorporating social media into your web site.  These links allow users to market your site and information for you!  They can share your web site, which mushrooms when the sharing takes place on Facebook, where it is shared with all their friends.  You don't need a Facebook or Twitter account to use these links, and can still benefit from the enormous community of clients and potential clients.

Capitalizing on Facebook, we can create a Business Facebook page for you, which will allow you to collect friendsFacebook and Twitter integration on your site and communicate instantly with them.  With a Facebook Business page, you can post notices about upcoming events, share the latest news, and introduce new products and services.  Most importantly, it creates a personal connection and cements a relationship between you and your customers, resulting in a loyalty that is hard to achieved by traditional means.  Creating a Twitter account, for those who have the endurance and time, is another way of communicating electronically.  Both of these methods can have great payoffs for your business, but take a considerable amount of time and energy.  It is better not to do them, than to do them poorly. 


Blog and RSS Feeds

Yet another means of forging relationships and communicating instantly is through a blog.  Again, Blogs Created for your web site and Integrated with RSS feedsthis requires a commitment of time an energy.  Blogs are only effective if they have input on a regular basis.  If you have the time to do one or two posts a week and monitor for and respond to comments, a blog can be another building block in gaining you traffic, business and cementing relationships.  We can set up a blog for you with Google's Blogger software (software is free).  They have many templates which we can modify with your brand.

With a blog, you can have an RSS Feed to which people can subscribe!  They get immediate notice when you content changes and can either visit to read or read in their "blog reader."   It is also possible to have an RSS Feed of your web site. 


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