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SEO - Search Engine Optimization & Registration Services

Specializing in Small Business Web Site Design and Redesign


SEO - Search Engine Optimization is FREE

Included in the affordable design ($100 per page) is complete SEO - Search Engine Optimization.  Good design practices ensuring optimal search engine ranking are employed when we design your site:

  • Competitor Analysis:  One of the tasks we have our clients do (pre-site build) is to look at the web sites of competitors, especially those with good search engine ranking.  This provides a basis for both the client and e-vantages to move forward with a design that will be competitive in the field.

  • Domain Name The domain name should contain the words being used in searches.  For example, if your name is Jones and your company does  marketing, the domain name should have the word "marketing" in it.  It should not be www.jones.com but rather www.jonesmarketing.com.  People searching for marketing services will put the word "marketing" in their search request.  Search engines will return FIRST those sites that have the word "marketing."

  • Metatags:  Metatags are hidden page titles, descriptions, and keywords and are very a key factor in getting ranking.  Users can't see them, but they play an important role in gaining ranking from search engines.  There are max lengths and other rules, not the least of which is carefully crafting them to match your company, products, and/or services.

  SEO | Search Engine Optimization is Free (included in our design  fee)
  • Keyword Relevance:  If you are a marketing company, "marketing" and other words related to your service should be in your keywords.  However, if those words aren't predominant on the page (in Text, Text Titles, Text Subtitles, and Captions) the keyword will NOT gain you ranking with search engines.  Keywords should match the page content, which in turn matches what it is your company does or provides.

  • JavaScript instead of Flash:  Flash is really bad for gaining search engine ranking and we do not use Flast.  Flash is ignored by the search engines.  Similar effects can be achieved with JavaScript coding and it will not hurt search engine ranking.

  • HTML:  We use straight html coding to ensure rich search engine content.  We do not use templates, or other 3rd party interfaces that often hide content and complicate the code that search engines explore.

Search Engine Friendly JavaScript is used instead of Flash Standard HTML for Search Engine Ranking - NO templates used!
  • Links and Cross-Links:  We make good use of links within the site, as well as outbound/inbound (links to other web site and from other web sites) which are called "cross-links."  Links, especially cross-links, are another important factor in search engine ranking.


Search Engine Registration is FREE

In addition to the good web design practices above, your new web site will be registered with all the major Search Engines including: Google BingMSN LiveYahoo SearchAskAltaVistaAllTheWeb,  and  AOL.  Helping the search engines to find you is an important part of getting business from your web site.


Sitemap & Robots Files

Another part of communicating with these search engines (called robots, bots or spiders) to help them find and rank your site is sitemaps and robots files. We build a "robots.txt" file which robots or bots (search engines) find and rank you.  We build a "sitemap.xml" (listing all your site pages and location) that is listed in the "robots.txt" file, again helping search engines find you.  The "sitemap.xml" is submitted to Google and other search engines that accept sitemap submission.  For those that don't, they find the site map because it is referenced in the "robots.txt" file.



Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools

In addition, we create Google Analytics account for you and add "tracking code" to each of  your web site pages.  Google then tracks all the activity on your web site.  You will be able to see who visited your site, how long, how many pages they viewed, where they came from and even what words they used to find you!  After a period of time, this information can be used to refine your metatags and further increase your ranking.  It also provides information for revising content, by showing the top/bottom landing pages, and the top exit pages. 


We also use Google Webmaster Tools, Alexa Site Tools, and Yahoo Site Explorer to help propagate your site on the web.  We "claim" your Google "places" page as well, employing every tactic possible to get the best possible ranking for your site. 


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